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Sillamae is a city with an interesting destiny. The first mention of it dates back to 1502. A small settlement for a long time remained an intermediate point from East to West and vice versa. But at the end of the XIX century, Sillamyagi turned into a resort village. Here rested the great Russian composer P.I. Tchaikovsky, and the famous scientist-physiologist Ivan Pavlov for many years chose this place as his residence for summer holidays.
The next century opened a new chapter in the history of the village - an industrial one. A shale processing plant was opened, and a port was built.
During the Second World War on the outskirts of Sillamäe fierce battles were fought. The Nazis did their best to keep these lines, as the shale industry allowed to receive fuel for military equipment. During the fighting, the plant and most of the buildings were destroyed.
In the post-war period, the village receives the status of a secret facility. An enterprise is being built here that was engaged in enrichment of uranium ores for the needs of the atomic industry of the USSR. In 1957, the "mailbox" (the so-called secret objects in the Soviet era) receives the status of the city and is known in narrow circles as Leningrad-1 and Narva-10. At that time, the houses of Stalin's architecture were built, and underground the city is a system of shelters, in which residents and workers of enterprises should have sheltered in the event of a nuclear attack.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the city did not lose its industrial importance. The expansion of the port of Sillamäe gave an additional impetus to development in the industrial sector.
However, Sillamäe strives to regain the status of a resort town. The city is being updated, and new opportunities appear to be interesting to spend time here - excursions, quests, cognitive routes.

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