Terms and conditions

General Provisions

1.1. The owner and administrator of the www.questcity.ee web environment (hereinafter “the Web Environment”) is Geek OÜ (hereinafter “Geek”), Commercial register code 14302064, postal address: A.H.Tammsaare tee 105-40, 12913, Tallinn, email info@questroom.ee.

1.2. These Terms of Use of the Web Environment are binding on GEEK and all its users (hereinafter “the User”).

1.3. GEEK may set additional Terms of Use of certain materials and subdivisions of the Web Environment. Information of such terms shall be provided with the relevant materials and subdivisions.

1.4. GEEK may modify or amend these Terms of Use, informing the User about it.

1.5. GEEK offers the Users a web environment, i.e. a portal, where the Users can buy and provide quests and routes and use any other services offered by GEEK.

1.6. Messages and information shall be exchanged between the User and GEEK in an electronic form using the contact details indicated in these Terms of Use or in the Web Environment, unless otherwise provided in these Terms of Use.

1.7. Where a provision of these Terms of Use proves to be inconsistent with the provisions of law, the other provisions shall remain valid nonetheless. The provisions of law shall be applied instead of the provision invalid due to inconsistency.

  1. Materials and Links

2.1. GEEK retains the right to use and disclose the information and materials made available in the GEEK Web Environment.

2.2. From time to time, GEEK may at its own discretion replace, improve, delete and amend in any other way the composition, structure, contents, etc. of the materials and information made available in the Web Environment.

2.3. The User may not enter in the description of an item anything other than information describing the item. It is forbidden to enter in the description advertisements, picture logos, contact details of recruitment agences, etc. It is forbidden to enter in the notice premium-rate phone numbers (such as phone numbers and short codes beginning with 900). If this obligation is not fulfilled, GEEK may charge an extra fee for such information constituting an advertisement according to the price list available in the Web Environment.

2.4. The Web Environment provides links to other materials and services offered by other parties. Responsibility for such materials and services lies with the administrator of the relevant web environment. By clicking on linked materials, the User leaves the GEEK Web Environment and the use of the linked website may be subject to other terms not applicable to GEEK or the User.

  1. Principles of Processing Personal Data

3.1. GEEK processes personal data that the Users of the Web Environment have provided GEEK with (in the texts of notices, when ordering SMS services, in the message boards, comments, etc.). Providing GEEK with personal data is not mandatory, apart from contact details in case a User asks GEEK to respond to a request, fill an order, when ordering an SMS service, etc.

3.2. The User shall provide a selection of data when signing up as a user of the Web Environment and while using it.

3.3. The User shall agree to the processing of the personal data to the extent described in these Terms of Use in order to ensure the quality and availability of the services, as well as to expand, improve, personalise and in another way develop the services.

3.4. GEEK collects and records personal data in an electronic form, making extracts of the data also in other forms where necessary.

3.5. GEEK shall not undertake to store the personal data about the Web Environment Users in the GEEK database. GEEK may store the personal data contained in notices during the period set when entering the notice and/or during a period necessary for fulfilling the functions of GEEK with respect to the relevant notices.

3.6. Personal data shall be used for responding to feedback and for performing other acts requested by the Users, e.g. for finding potential employers and employees for a certain company. Personal data presented in order to receive from GEEK commercial notices, advertisements and information about the products, services and operation of GEEK shall be used also for giving such information.

3.7. GEEK shall not share the personal data with third parties or disclose the data, apart from the cases set out in these Terms of Use.

3.8. GEEK may use the personal data and share the data with third parties chosen by GEEK when cooperating with such parties, primarily to recruiting agencies that assist GEEK in providing the services offered. Personal data may also be shared with persons participating in the fulfilment of an agreement between GEEK and the User (e.g. a courier service provider, a postal outlet).

3.9. GEEK may also share the personal data about the Users who have failed to pay GEEK for services provided in due time with a person engaged in the recovery of debts (collection agencies, etc.) and with the operators providing information about settlement failures, such as Krediidiinfo (credit reference), etc., who can process the data in order for a credit decision to be made in the settlement failure register administered by the relevant person.

3.10. If the User wants to know what data about the User is contained in the GEEK database, the User can submit a relevant request to the GEEK email address indicated in these Terms of Use.

3.11. The User may specify and modify his/her personal data.

3.12. The User may, at any time, withdraw the agreement for the processing of personal data by GEEK, request that the processing of personal data be stopped and the personal data collected be deleted or closed, as well as that the user account be closed. To this end, the User shall submit a relevant application to the GEEK email address indicated in these Terms of Use. The withdrawal of agreement shall have no retroactive effect.

  1. Copyrights

4.1. GEEK holds all the copyrights on the materials contained in the Web Environment, or the copyrights have been granted to GEEK to the extent allowing for their use in the Web Environment.

4.2. By introducing in the Web Environment works protected by copyright, the User gives GEEK the permission to use such works and to exercise the proprietary copyrights to the works throughout the period of copyright. GEEK may use the works presented by the User in any way, allow and prohibit their use, including reproducing, distributing, translating, editing, adapting, improving, modifying them, adding them to other works, collections or databases and making them available to the public.

  1. Advertisement

5.1 Advertisement banners can be displayed in the Web Environment for a charge. Information about the size and price of banners is available in the relevant subdivision of the Web Environment. To order an advertisement, an application is to be submitted to GEEK, filling in the required fields and attaching the banner file to the application if desired. GEEK may modify the materials presented, agreeing on the modifications with the User prior to displaying the advertisement. GEEK may refuse to display an advertisement if its contents or form fails to fulfil the requirements arising from the law, good practices or these Terms of Use.

5.2 Before an advertisement is displayed, the customer shall pay the invoice for the advertisement period or stage. If the invoice is not paid in time, GEEK may stop displaying the advertisement, claim compensation for damage and take other legal remedies.

  1. Payment

6.1. For using any of the chargeable services provided by GEEK, the User shall pay according to the price list presented in the Web Environment and GEEK shall issue the User a relevant electronic invoice. The User shall pay the invoice within the period indicated in the invoice.

6.2. If an invoice is not paid in time, GEEK may charge a late fee of 0.1% of the outstanding sum per day. GEEK may deliver the invoices not paid in time to a person engaged in the recovery of debts (a collection agency), whereas the User shall cover all the costs incurred on the recovery of the sums not paid in time.

6.3. Paid and activated listing is considered as delivered service and could not be refunded even if made by mistake (according to Estonian Law of Obligations § 53 paragraph 3).

6.4. GEEK accepts Estonian banklinks instant as well as debit and credit cards payments. All payments are done in euro.

  1. Final Provisions

7.1. These Terms of Use shall take effect when accepted by the User and remain in force during the period of validity of the legal relationship between the User and GEEK regulated in these Terms of Use. The User may withdraw from these Terms of Use within 14 days from acceptance and the User may cancel the legal relationships regulated in these Terms of Use at any time, fulfilling his/her obligations to GEEK and other Users beforehand.

7.2. GEEK may at its own discretion limit or cancel the User’s right to use the Web Environment, incl. changing the information presented by the Web Environment User or closing the User’s user account and not allowing the User to sign up again if the User fails to fulfil these Terms of Use or an obligation arising from these Terms of Use, if the User has provided wrong or misleading information or acted in any other way in bad faith.

7.3. The legal relationships between the User and GEEK arising from the use of the Web Environment shall be subject to the Republic of Estonia legislation.

7.4. The User and GEEK shall try to resolve the disputes arising from the use of the Web Environment by negotiation. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be resolved by Harju County Court